Classic Room

Price: € 150,00 / € 160,00

This suite offers a warm and welcoming environment with its cherrywood furniture treated with natural wax, finishings from a bygone era and luxurious fabric.
The bathroom walls have a wood finish which compliment its antique gold fittings. Terrazzo flooring with mother of pearl inlay completes the suite.

Provenzale Room

Price: € 150,00 / € 160,00

Located on the ground floor, this spacious 22 square metre room caresses you with its light colors and brightness.
A canopy bed, wood furnishings and curtains in natural fibres create a comfortable and simple environment but with every comfort.

Arabian Room

Price: € 150,00 / € 160,00

An Arabic flair has been given to this suite with characteristic sloped ceilings in which the antiqued wood creates a warm and inviting ambience. Tuareg blue resin has been applied to the bathroom walls and a lighter color ito the bedroom; it's an experience to behold along with the mood lighting provided by Oriental lamps.
The look is completed with terrazzo flooring.


Via Porta S. Zeno, 22 - 37017 Lazise
(Verona) - Italia

Check Times

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